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Interview with Rodney the creator of Cosplacon

During Cosplacon 2014 one of the hardest things to do was to get Rodney Hussmann, the creator of Cosplacon, to stop running around for more than 30 seconds. Thankfully, in between the craziness that was Cosplacon, Rodney was able to give me a quick 5 minute interview. 

Cosplacon Cosplay Highlights

Cosplacon 2014 Larger than Life. That message was being said at many of the major panels and main events. And there is good reason for it. This years con was jam packed with awesome events and even more awesome cosplays

Cosplacon Day 1

Here is a sneak peek at all the fun that is being had at Cosplacon. Come out and join us! We will be updating you as much as we can. There will be tons more fun things happening today so stay tuned!





Cosplacon has begun

The day has arrived. We are here at Cosplacon and things are kicking off quite nicely. It is only day 1 and there are already a lot of awesome cosplays in attendance. We are very excited to be able to bring you updates on this event and can't wait for the main events to kick off.

New Galaxy S5 defense feature

YouTuber TechRax found out about a new Samsung Galaxy S5 feature that no one knew about. Not really a real "feature" but it seems smashing phones with a hammer could end badly for the hammer wielder.

Read on...

Samsung Galaxy S4 might have some storage issues

There have been reports of low storage on the 16 GB Galaxy S4. Much like the Windows Surface Tablets storage issues, it seems that the advertised amount of storage you get in a Galaxy S4 is not exactly what your going to get.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Where to start on a movie like this? Well, I can tell you one thing confidentially, there won’t be very many people who like The Wolf of Wall Street. Another thing I can tell you is it’s one of the best movies of the year, and has already gone down in my mind as an instant classic. Read more...

Fitbit Force Review

I am a rather inactive person. I want to change that. It is hard when you work at a desk 30 hours a week and your college classes are rather close together. However, my Fitbit has always been there to give me that extra push to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Read on...

12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave opens midway through the film, as Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), standing amidst a group of fellow slaves, is taught how to harvest sugar cane. Two whacks from a machete, and that’s that. Real simple, anyone could do it. Read on...